Phor (MobileApp, 2013)

Phor is an innovative tool helping you to organise everything - as long as you can turn everything into photos.

Phor creates relationships for everything:
1. Use phone camera to take a photo of an object
2. Link this object with other objects

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Catch g. (Website, 2013)

Catch g. gathers artistic creations including illustration and handcraft portfolios, like its slogan: "Catch things of beauty".

It is a platform that indie brands can register their facebook fans pages there.

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Surprise! (MobileApp, 2011)

Surprise! is a multi-purpose application depends on your creativity. It listens for a whistle or a clap and responses with user defined image presentation and sound playing.

It is an Android demostration of musicg library.

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musicg (OpenSource, 2011, 114 stars)

musicg is a lightweight audio analysis library, written in Java, with the purpose of extracting both high level and low level audio features.

This API allows developers to extract audio features and operate audio data like reading, cutting and trimming easily from an inputstream. It also provides tools for digital signal processing, renders the wavform or spectrogram for research and development purpose.

Two spectrograms(1.wav and 2.wav) produced by musicg:

1.wav 2.wav

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Sketching (2009)

遇爛 (2008)


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Photography (2007)
- Polaroids

- Pinholes

- 35mm