About Me

My name is Jacquet Wong, I'm a software engineer from Hongkong. I speak in Cantonese, Mandarin and English.

My Name

75% of my friends have asked about my name Jacquet.

I picked this name when my English teacher in secondary school told everyone to name themselves in English after the first lesson. On that day I opened a newspaper subscribed by my neighbour, and looked for a special one - it's too special for an English name, it's a French surname. I figured it out years later. That's the story.

It's pronounced like "jacket" in English and we knew that it shouldn't be like that in French. I was curious so I went to Paris. I got the answer finally.

Today, I introduce myself Jac (or Jack) for a easier pronunciation and to avoid confusion.

My Biography

I deployed my first code in 1999 - my personal homepage written in HTML with Java Applet.

I studied computer science. I got a Bachelor of Art (Hons) in Computing from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

After graduation I joined a early-stage startup, Music Powerhouse. We designed and developed innovative digital music products, and won some awards in and outside Hongkong.

Years later I joined Enterproid (Acquired by Google). I was an iOS mobile developer of the product Divide.

Later I worked as a Senior Engineer at Trend Micro (the manufacturer of PC-cillin Antivirus) in Taipei.

Now I'm working at OneSky.

Side Projects

I start side projects in leisure time.

Phor - An innovative tool helping you to organise everything

Catchg.com - Collection of indie portfolios. A life style website catches things of beauty

musicg - An open source project for digital audio analysing

Surprise! - My first mobile app, to demonstrate musicg project

遇爛 - My cheesy jokes collection. Prerequisite: Cantonese


Photography: Polaroid, film camera, etc...


Music: I can play simple melodies



and Thinking


You can contact me via



Last updated: 30 July 2015